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Enter by Sunday, December 17 for your chance to win!

Enter by Sunday, December 17 for your chance to win!

Enter today to win a prize package of books from Christian Authors Network (CAN). CAN is a supportive group of published Christian authors focused on spreading the news about books to book lovers everywhere. This month’s prize package includes the following titles:

Brides of Minnesota by Lena Nelson Dooley

  • When Lars suddenly elopes, Gustaf is left to meet his younger brother’s original fiancée at her ship and explain why his brother is absent. Could God have designed for these two to be together all along?
  • August admires his older brother Gustaf, but perhaps not enough to accept his castoff for a wife. Can Anna Jenson recover from the death of a fiancé and the marriage of another beau in order to see August as more than a friend?
  • Lowell and Ollie are both fascinated by a mysterious young woman who has come to town—though she is good at eluding their affections. Will Rissa Le Blanc drive a wedge between the brothers? 

Contagious Courage by Janet Perez Eckles

  • Neither blindness nor the tragic death of her youngest son prevented Janet Perez Eckles, international speaker and author, from embracing triumph and a joy-filled life.
  • Contagious Courage includes glimpses of the author’s own journey to victory.
  • The brief entries presented in an engaging style in Contagious Courage appeal to the busy woman or man who needs a practical path to turn stress and anxiety to peace and confidence.

Moving from Fear to Freedom by Grace Fox

  • Grace wrote this book after surveying 350 women ages 18-80. Each chapter addresses one of the top fears with which they admitted to struggling. The #1 fear was for their loved ones’ well-being.
  • Stonecroft Ministries asked Grace to develop a DVD-based Bible study based on this book two years after its release. She did so, and hundreds of groups have since used the study across North America, in Australia and Eastern Europe.
  • Grace has been involved in career missions for nearly 25 years. As part of her work, she trains and leads short-term ministry teams to Poland and Romania each summer. She also trains pastors and church leaders in the Middle East and Nepal.

Pendant by M L Hamilton

  • A former Chicago junior high teacher, Elaine Sutterfeld is haunted by the disappearance of her student from a field trip more than a decade ago.
  • When Elaine finally stumbles across a vital clue, she discovers someone is desperate to keep the truth buried—including putting her life in danger.
  • With a trusted friend, she escapes to safety in Texas. But assuming a false identity and hiding among the quirky residents of a retirement home is not what she had in mind. Now she must solve the mystery from afar, as soon as she figures out if her friend is keeping her from danger…or the truth.

Circle C Stepping Stones: Andi Lassos Trouble by Susan K. Marlow

  • Andi is a young girl who aims to prove to her older brother she’s skilled enough with a lasso to compete in a local rodeo competition.
  • When a friendly rodeo threatens to become a range war between ranchers and sheepherders, Andi and her family must keep their neighbors—and themselves—safe.
  • Susan K. Marlow is the author of five series set in the Old West—ranging from new reader to young adult.

Circle C Stepping Stones: Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow

  • Andi is embarrassed when her mother becomes the substitute teacher at school. But she and her mother are both kidnapped by two outlaws after school and held in a remote cabin until her mother can teach the boss to read.
  • It’s up to Andi to escape and find help, but can she lead a rescue party back to the cabin before the outlaws take Mother and disappear forever?
  • Susan K. Marlow is always on the lookout for a new story, whether she’s writing books, teaching writing workshops or sharing what she’s learned as a homeschooling mom. 

Moving from Broken to Beautiful Through Grief by Yvonne Ortega

  • Your grief may come from shattered dreams, death of a loved one or divorce. It can also come from a life-threatening illness, the loss of a job or a major move.
  • Yvonne Ortega understands. She has survived and thrived after a divorce, breast cancer and multiple family losses, including the death of her only child.
  • With a heartfelt perspective on grief, Yvonne’s transparent stories of personal losses and God’s Word will bring comfort and peace, while showing you how to pick up the pieces to build your new normal.

Pursuing Gold by Cynthia L. Simmons

  • The switch from coin to paper bills happened at the Civil War. Before that time, people wanted the coin since the value was in the metal (i.e. the silver or gold). No one wanted paper since it was too easy to counterfeit.
  • All the banks in the South failed except one, and it was in New Orleans. They stayed on the gold standard.
  • Cynthia L. Simmons wrote this book about the transition in order to encourage readers to pursue God, which is in essence pursuing gold. She learned a lot of banking history in the process.

Girl Talk, Guy Talk by Karen Whiting and Jesse Florea

  • How does a guy think? How does a gal think? Find out in Girl Talk, Guy Talk.
  • Discover ways to converse when you have different viewpoints, without creating explosions.
  • Build communication skills that will help you create lasting and healthy relationships.

Only one valid entry per person. Contest ends December 17, 2017. Click on the “about” tab for official rules.