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Enter by Sunday, May 27 for your chance to win!

Enter by Sunday, May 27 for your chance to win!

You were made for more than this life has to offer.

That’s why you never feel quite satisfied. Even when you feel happiest, discontent is always looming at the door. That’s because God created you for something far greater than this life; He created you for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

In Age of Crowns, Kori de Leon will awaken the dreamer in you as she invites you to explore glorious images of the Age to Come. Whether we realize it or not, God designed us to have a purpose bigger than ourselves and to find a secure sense of home.

This book is an inspiring examination of how the future hope of heaven changes your today. It will teach you how to faithfully await (and prepare for) the Age to Come, as well as how to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life with Christ here and now.

Only one valid entry per person. Contest ends May 27, 2018. Click on the “about” tab for official rules.