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Enter by Sunday, March 25 for your chance to win!

Enter by Sunday, March 25 for your chance to win!

Enter today to win a prize package of books from Christian Authors Network (CAN). CAN is a supportive group of published Christian authors focused on spreading the news about books to book lovers everywhere. This month’s prize package includes the following titles:

The Power to Be by Twila Belk

  • Good news! It is possible to be still, grateful, strong and courageous—even when undergoing trials, facing unknowns, battling fears or struggling with feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. It all has to do with where your focus is.
  • In her relatable, transparent and often humorous style, the author shares important truths and helps you shift your attention from situations and self to a big God.
  • This 40-day devotional contains encouraging readings, Scripture verses, prayers and daily affirmations, all revealing that you indeed have the power to be.

Threes, Sixes and Thieves by Julie B. Cosgrove

  • Burglaries of residences in their retirement community with only threes and sixes in the house numbers send the Bunco Biddies into action.
  • They land in the middle of a manhunt after one of the thieves is caught.
  • When the arresting officer disappears, the Bunco Biddies suspect something dicey is going on at police headquarters.

Her Reluctant Hero by Anne Greene

  • It’s the swinging sixties. An ex-fiancé flies back into a stewardess’s life. He dumped her once. But this war veteran knows what he wants now.
  • She’s left behind her past, with its small-town values and jilted love, to see the world and become independent. He’s returned from war and death with a single goal—to redeem the worst mistake of his life.
  • She wants nothing to do with him. He wants her as his wife. Will their flight end with an emergency landing—a total crash—or a perfect glide into the right airport, the right gate and the right destination?

Mystery at Dead Broke Ranch by Anne Greene 

  • After Ashley Sinclair’s grandfather is murdered, she dreams about converting the old Victorian ranch house she inherited into a haven for her younger siblings—twin sisters, and a brother recently paralyzed in a football accident. Raised in different foster homes, will they reject Ashley’s love?
  • Because her charming, handsome father abandoned her, Ashley distrusts men. And she’s guilt-driven for not having kept her family together.
  • Stone Hunter Price goes undercover to work for Ashley as he tries to clear himself of evidence that he killed her grandfather. A vengeful lawman vows to convict Stone. His own family believes Stone is a murderer. The lawman is minutes from convicting Stone. The murderer is seconds behind Ashley. When the clock strikes, who will win?

USA Word Find by Vickie McDonough

  • 75 easy-to-read large print word search puzzles
  • Engaging puzzles feature topics such as state capitals, state nicknames, animals and birds found in the US, American actors and much more
  • Educational benefits for all ages

12 Ways to Experience More with Your Husband by Cindi McMenamin

When you’re together but feel miles apart, this book will help you:

  • try seven new ways to “switch it up” at home
  • respond to your spouse in ways that intrigue him
  • see the bigger picture when misunderstandings arise

The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin

  • As D-Day approaches, an American naval officer and a British Wren work together on invasion plans. But if he succeeds, will he destroy what she loves most?
  • Sarah Sundin visited London and Normandy while researching this novel.
  • Starred review from Booklist!

Only one valid entry per person. Contest ends March 25, 2018. Click on the “about” tab for official rules.